Are you ready to make an impact?

Community Organizing

Developing relationships takes time and is a necessary component to the success of any community project. We will work to engage all stakeholders to ensure your project gets off the ground.

Organizational Efficiency and Analysis

Our goal is to provide realistic recommendations that will reduce costs and improve efficiency and effectiveness for our clients.

Education Strategy

Education is a critical component to the success of any community. We will identify key partners, develop the approach and identify a system to track effectiveness. 

Facilitation and Strategic Planning

An experienced outside perspective can help your team link tangible actions to a clear corporate vision.

How We Do It


Step 1: Collect

Collect project information and obtain staff input using individual and group interviews, data collection tools, management questionnaires and organizational climate surveys.


Step 2: Analyze

Analyze information and obtain staff input to develop preliminary realistic options.


Step 3: Present

Present preliminary findings for client review and input.


Step 4: Provide

Provide client with final recommendations.